The Valesta Academy's main objective is to develop a personalised career path for all Valesta employees, which will help them to achieve their full potential and become specialists who are able to fulfil the specific needs of our clients' projects.

With the Valesta Academy we provide a specialised platform for all Valesta employees to obtain training, information, (on the job) coaching and guidance throughout their career.

The Valesta Academy offers training in response to our employees' individual needs, including clinical research, soft skills, foreign language and software training. These development solutions help our employees to:

  • Improve their function-related  and Valesta core competencies
  • Fulfil the client's  specific project needs
  • Achieve personal career goals once assigned to a new (temporary) project
  • Grow into another function, and thus develop their own career

Our Valesta Academy is entirely embedded in the follow-up process with our employees. As a result, we maintain a detailed and personalised picture of all Valesta employees' skills and competencies – which in turn provides us with the ideal way to continue to find the perfect match for our clients.