Tuesday, April 25, 2017

In Belgium, Clinical Research Professionals do not only need a specific scientific degree and/or background in order to succeed in their position. Often, a fluency in all three Clinical Research operating languages – Dutch, French and English – is an absolute must.

To help our employees to build up all their skills to a higher level, Valesta encourages all employees to improve their French, Dutch or English regardless of their language proficiency. It is our goal to make our Valesta employees more confident when having conversations in a non-native language.

Focus on specific terminology and tasks of the industry

Language training is often non-existent during higher education, and the terminology used in Clinical Research is rarely covered during off the shelf language training. This sparked the idea to create tailor-made Valesta Academy language workshops where our employees can practice the specific terminology and tasks of the industry.

Before creating a training path, we provided our training partner with all the necessary basic information on Clinical Research to ensure they were able to understand the industry and Valesta’s needs...

Together, we created 3 different workshops:

  • “General Communication for Clinical Research Professionals”  
  • “A Monitoring Visit”
  • “How to Introduce a Study”

In-depth training with real-life applications

All language workshops are provided in one of Belgium’s Clinical Research operating languages: Dutch, French or English. To make sure all attendees start at the same level, all employees desiring to attend one of these Valesta Academy workshops need a proven intermediate level in the target language.

We organise each workshop in small groups, to ensure plenty of practice hours for all attendees. The length of each session (4 half days) gives the trainer enough time to provide in-depth training with lots of practical cases and hands-on exercises.

The focus during the workshop is on practicing oral communication by using real life Clinical Research situations, so the language skills learned during the training can be immediately implemented on the job.

Valesta Academy is driven by your experience and your daily business needs, so feel free to keep us posted with any training need you may have!

Insight provided by Kim Verbeeck, Training Manager, Valesta Belgium